Cribbs Pro PB (Part of Skirmish Bristol LTD) are a UKPSF affiliated venue.

The UKPSF is the UK’s governing body for paintball in the UK. They ensure that all affiliated venues have insurance, abide by the UKPSF guidelines and operate a safe paintball venue.

UKPSF members are covered under the UKPSF personal liability insurance at our venue, with a valid – in date UKPSF membership card.

We urge all Paintball players to become a UKPSF member and support the sport of Paintball and help it to become a recognised sport in the UK.

Memberships can be purchased from their website either £15 for a Full membership with insurance, or £5 for a basic membership

For more details please head to their website:


Air Bottle Testing:

As you know we take safety very seriously and as party of the UKPSF we must ensure your air bottles are checked to ensure they are in date. If your bottles are out of date, you cant use them, simple!


Taken from the UKPSF website:

Check your bottle

The fastest growth area in paintball at the present time is the conversion of markers from CO2 to compressed air. With this in mind the UKPSF would like to bring to player’s attention the need to have cylinders tested at approved intervals. Testing must be carried out on all full fibre wrap after three years (see notes below) and half fibre wrap bottles after five years from the date of manufacture., Steel and Aluminium bottles must also be tested five years from the manufactured date. This applies to ALL bottles of 0.5litre capacity and above including CO2 bottles.

The date of retest is from the date of manufacture, which will be etched into the cylinder in the case of steel or aluminium or on a label that is laminated into the fibre wrap on the cylinder, not from the date you purchased the cylinder. There must be out of test cylinders being used by paintballers so check your cylinder today.

The testing house can test the following cylinders: – HSE-AL-FWI (full wrap composite) HSE-AL-HWI (half wrap composite) BS 5043 Part 3 (Aluminium),BS 5043 part 4 (Steel), HSE-AL-FW2 and EN 12245. All these bottles must be subjected to a hydraulic pressure test to BS 5430 Part 3 (1990) and the new European Pi approval

If your bottle is out of test and you attend a tournament where compressed air is supplied, the organiser will refuse to fill your bottle as they will be breaking the law by filling an out of date cylinder. If you have a DOT cylinder the supplier of air will also refuse to fill your cylinder. If an accident should occur using an out of date bottle it could invalidate any insurance policy the site owner has and any personal policy you might have as a player.

There are several tournaments where air is not supplied by the organiser at these events the marshals have been instructed to check players’ cylinders and players with out of test bottles will not be allowed to play.

It is essential to check your cylinder today to prevent you from being refused permission to play an event. If you need your cylinder testing contact Darren at Cylinder Testing and Sales UK Ltd on 0151 448 0555

Remember, a cylinder not in test can’t be used and will not be filled by a commercial supplier of compressed air.



THREE YEARS FOR FULL WRAPPED BOTTLES – HSE-AL-FW2 manufactured before July 2003 then five years after retesting for SCI and Luxfer cylinders 





NOTES and amendments 

The new European regulations (TPED) came onto the statute book in July 2003 and at that point the UK specification HSE-AL-FW2 became obsolete ie. no new cylinders could be produced to this specification for the UK market.

From July 2003, the European standard EN 12245 became the only acceptable specification for new cylinders.

All cylinders manufactured and certified to the HSE-AL-FW2 specification prior to July 2003 and retested after July 2003 have their retest period extended from 3 to 5 years at their next retest.

If you have a cylinder manufactured before July 2003 then you need to have it tested 3 years from the original manufactured date. The recertified cylinder will then need retesting after a further five year period.

All cylinders manufactured to EN 12245 and Pi certified to comply with the TPED start with a retest period of 5 years from date of manufacture.

The new TPED guidelines state 10 years for aluminum Pi tanks

Cylinders with only the DOT (USA) marking are not acceptable for commercial use in Europe, and they cannot be approved for any gas application in Europe. Filling bottles carrying only the DOT stamp is illegal in Europe. Ensuring that cylinders are properly stamped as required by law is the responsibility of the cylinder owner



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