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Sands of Time III – 2013

A Valken sponsored event, we had “K-dog” an Rob from AUP battle it out in the Sands of Time.

Sands of Time August 2012, This was a televised event where we incorperated our “Tank run” shooting targets on the move, we had mortors, explosions, and everyone that attended will agree it was an epic day!

Click the Photo to view the “Sands of Time II” album.

Portishead Walk-on February 2012, Just a few photos from our regular walk-on.

Command and Conquer December 2013 

Portishead Walk-on February 2012

Command and Conquer Christmas 2011 – Portishead

So we battled it out in the woods, fighting over  Tiberium, and  battling it out between NOD and GDI. In the end the Evil NOD stole all the tiberium…

Christmas Dec 2011 “Command and Conquer”

Our Cribbs Causeway Bristol, site opening! November 2010 – we unleashed it to our loyal walk-ons first to trial and report back to us… lets just say they were more than pleased!

Bristol – Cribbs Causeway Site Opening Nov 2010

Sands of Time I

This is where the Sands of time began, They battled it our for some time and although we had a winning team it was here we created the legacy, and formed the follow on which was the Sands of time II

Sands of Time I



Skirmish Bristol /Cribbs Causeway As Featured on “The Paintball Show” 2012


Skirmish Bristol / Portishead, As Featured on “The Paintball Show”  2012

Command and Conquer Scenario’s 2013:

We had these “mission briefings” created for our Command and Conquer scenario game.


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