Walk-on Prices

Walk-On Prices:

We try our best to take care of our regular’s so we offer a loyalty scheme to all those who have already attended a  walk-on with us.

We pride ourselves on only supplying quality paintballs, we carefully select paintballs that are not too fragile that they break in your gun, but so hard that it doesn’t break on your opponent, also we find it helps to have round paintballs so that they are nice and accurate. We don’t sell cheap nasty paintballs, its that simple!

Please pre book so we can organise staff and ensure the day goes ahead.


First Entry with a Box of 2000 paintballs:

£45 per person

Includes a Box of 2000 paintballs

Skirmish Bristol Walk-on Members

£30 per person 

Free Entry (Loyalty Customers)

Box of 2000 paintballs

Must be paid in full and in ADVANCE!

Must only use our site paintballs.

Optional walk-on extras:

Box of 2000 Paintballs……………………£30.00

Smoke Grenades and Paint Grenades available, we always hold a wide selection, so ask us on the day!

To Book or for further details call: 01934 416507


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Paintball Walk-on days and events for people with their own paintball equipment, in the Bristol and South West England area, information, news, prices, scenarios, and events.

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