Walk-on/Event Rules

General Game Rules

  1. The most important rule – GOGGLES ON AT ALL TIMES outside of the netted Safe Area/HQ
  2. BARREL SOCK/BUNG ON AT ALL TIMES IN THE SAFE AREA!Always use Barrel socks/bungs bungs outside play area. These should not be removed until instructed by a Marshal (except when choreographing)
  3. No dry firing in the safe area, this can be carried out at the firing range.
  4. Choreographed markers should be choreographed to 280 fps or less. There maybe random chrono checks. If your marker is tested and fires in excess of 280 fps (your marker will be fired at least 5 times over the chrono and if 2 or more shots are over 280 fps) you will be suspended from play until rectified.
  5. Ramping – Semi Auto Only- All full Auto/Ramping/PSP settings are strictly prohibited during walk-ons and Scenario events, as per the UKPSF guidelines. We can not allow for any grey area in the law. Marshals will be checking both velocity and BPS randomly throughout the day. Please remember that restrictions on velocity and rate of fire are for SAFETY reasons and not there just to be awkward.
  6. Elimination – You are out if a paintball hits you and breaks on you, or any part of your playing equipment. This includes any part of your body head to toe, your marker, hopper/loader, pack/harness, goggles headwear, etc.; this does not include “spray” from the bunker you are using for protection.
  7. If you are hit with a paintball that breaks on contact, you must immediately raise your marker in the air pointing up- wards, call yourself ”OUT/Dead Player”. Once eliminated it is recommended the ‘dead player’ continually call themselves “OUT/Dead Player” until they have left the field.
  8. Once you’ve called yourself OUT, it is final and you are out. If in doubt – Before calling your self out either ask a team-mate or if possible call for a marshal to check you.
  9. Respawn – You can rejoin the game immediately from your teams re-spawn point, but please ensure you wipe off any old splats. Ask Marshals where to go.
  10. Dead men don’t talk. Apart from calling yourself out make your way back to the deadzone – without passing on instructions or information to your team mates.
  11. ‘Paint check’ – Call for a Marshal loudly, until a marshal is checking you – you are still in active play – once a marshall has approached you and called you “neutral” all players in that engagement should cease fire. You should not advance on an opponent who is being paint checked.
  12. No wiping paint – It’s not difficult -Please do not attempt do it – as you will be called out and team points may be deducted at the Marshals discretion.
  13. PyrosEnola Gaye Pyro’s ONLY, as these are the only pyro recognised by the UKPSF to adhere to all known UK safety regulations. Anyone (apart from our pyrotechnics engineer) letting off anything else will be asked to leave.
  14. Play Fair – Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Repeated instances of bad sportsmanship will result in the suspension from play.
  15. Do not overshoot – In general, more than three hits are considered overshooting – this is sometimes difficult when gun fighting at a distance and even when a player is hit, more paintballs may be on their way which can’t be recalled. Be sensible as no-one likes to be lit up. As soon as the player calls themselves OUT stop shooting at them. If you are hit: it is in your interest to get your marker up into the air as quickly as possible to indicate to your enemy that you are ‘OUT/A Dead Player’. “Bonus Balling” is not acceptable behavior.
  16. Once the game is over, immediately put on a barrel sock/plug, before entering the SafeZone
  17. If any problem occurs (such as injury) on the field that requires assistance, The marshals will “FREEZE” the game, and you must cease fire until further instructions are given, and the problem will be handled.

Finally, The success of the game depends upon the attitude in which you approach it. It is a fun day for all to enjoy. Please be considerate to all other participants the marshals and staff and a great time will be had by all!


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