Past Events

Take a walk down memory lane and check out our past events!

Santa Vs Snowman 29/12/2013

The Uks first National game, Santas won overall! we had Geoff and the Evil Twins on Santas team and Gareth as captain of the Snowman! We had to decorate trees, collect presents (with pyro goodies and refreshments inside!) we then battled it out of stockings and finally we had to capture santas grotto!

We had our usual christmas raffle and raised over £300 for “Paintballers 4 kids” which is a new fantastic childrens charity – our money went to the Welsh contingent which was specifically for “LATCH” children in wales with cancer. A huge thankyou to KEE action sports, BZ Piantball, and Bluewater/Valken for all of the kind donations.

svs gaz


Sands of time II 12/8/2013

Kieron Brow aka “K-dog” from the “Demon Legion” battled it our for the British, up against Rob Naylor of team AUPS who fought heroically for the Celtics!

We had fantastic weather and it was overall a fantastic day of gunfighting with some army vehicles thrown in!

A big thanks to Valken/Bluewater who sponsored the event.

Command and Conquer – Red Alert 29/12/2012

Wow, well it was defiantly a memorable event, we had over 150 players booked in for this event, and the heavens opened! we had player mud sliding down hills, and coming up with ingenious ways of keeping dry.. bin liners, tissue stuffed in goggles etc.

But overall we had a brilliant day, the videos didn’t quite work on the day as our television and electric’s pretty much got flooded in what we call “the storm of 2012” but we fought on and every one got to have a good gun fight!

C&C 1 copy

NOD Mission 1 – Recapture and Deploy


GDI Mission 1 – Recapture and Deploy


NOD Mission 2 – Fools Gold


GDI Mission 2 – Fools Gold 


NOD Mission 3 – Commanding the airways 


GDI Mission 3 – Commanding the airways


NOD Mission 4 – Uris mind control


GDI Mission 4 – Uris mind control


NOD Mission 5 – Nuclear Launch 



GDI Mission 5 – Nuclear Launch



The Story so far..

In a the small city of Bristol The soviets have managed to set up a secret Nuclear Base, The GDI have just recieved intel that NOD are forming a large scale nuclear attack on the Pentagon in the US using 2 Nuclear Silos that they have managed to

Satalite Photograph

build secretly smuggling in men from the Bristol Docks.

The GDI need to infiltrate the Secret NOD base and eliminate them before its too late, we are not sure how long the nod forces have been here undetected, but they seem to have ammassed quite a force here. We have satalite pictures of the base – and we can see that the Nuclear missiles look very close to completelion.

Each mission will be a build up to the big grand finale and final battle. Your Faction will be fighting it out for territory, and the use of some important  implements which will be used to your advantage in the final and ultimate battle!

Your final mission?  to prevent the NOD from Launching thier Nuclear missiles. You have 1 hour.


Sands of time II 12/8/2012

This was an epic event! We had tanks circling the whole site and even crushing caravans! We had a film crew to film footage for Sky Tv, which appeared on “The Paintball show” kindly filmed by Bradlo Photography.

We had Steve Monks from the “Fallen Brotherhood” captaining  a team, with Chris “Broadsword” Jones from “Phalanx” they battled it out all day for the win.

This is definitely a memorable day, and we have it captured on film!

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