Scenario Paintball Events

Up to date information on up and coming Events.

Regular Events:

We run a walk-on on the first sunday of every month which we alternate between our 2 venues.

 Scenario Games:

Up and coming Events:

20th of August 2017

Continuing our traditional scenario game we have “Sands of Time VII” but where will the sands of time take us this year?

Past Events:

Sands of Time VI – 2016

Sands of Time V – 2015

Sands of Time IV – 2014

Sands of Time III – 2013

Sands of Time II – 2012

Command and Conquer Red Alert 29/12/2012

The Sands of Time – 2011

Command and Conquer – 2010

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Paintball Walk-on days and events for people with their own paintball equipment, in the Bristol and South West England area, information, news, prices, scenarios, and events.

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